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Team Building

Ultra Events conducts team building and training sessions for organizational through experiential Human Capital Development. We seek to create opportunities for innovation by raising the leadership abilities within organizations.

Our goal is to help staff members and company executives play at the highest level possible. We create programs that enhance competencies, build chemistry and promotes team work for organizational excellence. We provide holistic team building programs that continue to transform workspaces in Africa.

Our activities are designed to accommodate both large groups and small groups. The hour glass model works to ensure that all aspects of the team building are addressed. This helps us achieve organizational objectives, departmental as well as individual expectations.

Part of team building is in offering a fun space for employees to have a bit of fun. Our staff Bonding sessions are aimed at re-energizing your staff and offering a space to be free and enjoy their work spaces. The staff bonding sessions are high energy, high impact activities that allow employees to take 3 hours off their schedules to unwind and reflect on the organizations mission and objectives.

Our Promise

We offer the following services within this category

Corporate Training

Best for examining and tackling specific organizational pain points in an in depth training with fun activities.

Fun & Sports Day

Best for letting off steam and bonding staff teams and large groups. A very good way to play hard and win as one.

Hybrid Events

Best for having fun, learning, bonding and communicating company values.

Staff Parties

Best for celebrating the year's work and vision casting for the year to come.

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